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Exclusively Digital Based Products

Our definition of a Exclusively Digital Based Product in this instance is any product offered by us that has zero human involvement on behalf of InternetProfits LTD. All Exclusively Digital Based Products offered by InternetProfits LTD come with a 30 day money back guarantee unless otherwise stated on this page. If you are unhappy with your purchase you can let us know and we will either work with you to resolve any issue that may have occurred or offer a refund in full provided your request is made within 30 calendar days from date of purchase.

InternetProfits Certified / InternetProfits Accelerator- Buy Back Policy Terms & Conditions

In joining the program you are offered our "Buy Back" policy which is as follows:

Effective the day your payment is processed, if after a period of 6 months you have not generated a minimum of $20,000 (USD) in affiliate commissions in your business you may be eligible for our buy back policy provided you meet the following criteria. If approved, you will receive your entire $1,997 purchase investment back in full.

The conditions of the policy are as follows:

1. You must complete the Certification training within the first 7 days of joining. There are no more than 6 hours required to do so. You are welcome to complete the Certification as fast as you like, but you must complete and get Certified within no more than 7 days from the date you made payment and joined the program.

2. You must take 6 months of daily action on the training and action plan provided in the members area to grow your business throughout the complete duration of the 6 months from your join date and be able to show your work of having done so if requested to validate this fact.

3. You must begin completing the "Daily Tracker" sheet provided in the training within 30 days of joining and complete daily for a period of 6 months (it typically takes less than 1 minute a day to do this). In the event you submit a request for this buy back policy you must be able to provide a valid completed Daily Tracker sheet for us to verify your actions and results.

4. If your claim is approved, the $1,997 must be returned to the exact same payment method / payment card you made the purchase with. This is a legal requirement.

We like to keep our policy simple and make it a win-win for all. You cannot expect to grow your business if you are not implementing what we show you to drive traffic, leads and sales.

Therefore, take daily action during at least the initial 6 months from your joining date and we're confident you will build a highly successful, profitable business online. If that does not happen and you meet the conditions above then you receive your full $1,997 back.

You can access our support desk by visiting our 'Contact Us' page here

Refunds request outside of the stated terms above will not be granted.

All/All Other Products, Programs and Services Offered

Any other purchases not covered above will be subject to their own terms and conditions that will be available at the time of purchase and/or in your client contract agreed to by you upon purchase and signature of contract. Please refer to those where required.

Internet Profits Limited reserves the right to update or change the refund policies, terms and conditions without notice.

LAST UPDATE: 21.05.2020